100 Magic Miles

Chartering the Whitsundays is made easy with the cruising guide called the 100 Magic miles, its your bible to the Whitsundays,

The ninth edition of the 100 Magic Miles, by David Colfelt, is a highly regarded book and the most used reference for cruising The Whitsundays. The diagrams of anchorages, aerial photographs and general information are essential reading for a great holiday.

Since it was first published in 1985 it has been continuously updated; not only providing an exhaustive, reliable detail about every nook and cranny of the Whitsunday's it also offers general information regarding the history, flora and fauna found throughout the reigon.

All Cumberland boats come with complete charts of the area and a copy of the 100 Magic Miles on board for your reference and enjoyment .

We recommend that you purchase and read this valuable guide before commencing a charter holiday. The make great souvenir gifts to
Order yours here – https://secure.ccy.com.au/shop/

100 Magic Miles reproduced with kind permission of David Colfelt.


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