Burning Point

Type Approved Anchorage
Description Burning Point is an attractive anchorage at the southern end of Shaw Island. Its close proximity to Lindeman Island offers pleasant sunset viewing.

The anchorage area is best at 500 - 1200 metres to the East of the very tip of the Western point. Datum depths here range from 2 to 8 metres with a grassy bottom.  Be sure to not anchor too close to shore.

The beaches at Shaw Island are otherwise pristine, and very approachable in your dinghy as the tide floods, with teams of stingrays seen gathering to feed in the shallows at the top of the tide adjacent to the hill side streams.

The grassy bottom in the anchorage is also good reason to see turtles breaking the surface for more air, so keep a look out.
Restrictions Beach access is restricted due to breeding cycles of the bird colony during some times of the year - Check the 100 Magic Miles for details.
Shelter in East to South West in light to moderately - strong conditions.
Fishing Fishing is permitted - check the 100 Magic Miles for details.
Be careful of Strong currents at half tide.
Sunset Watch the sunset over Lindeman Island.
Beach Explore the beach during times of the year that it is permitted.
Solitude Burning Point is infrequently visited.
100 Magic Miles S3
  Map type: Normal, Satellite

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