Butterfly Bay

Type Approved Anchorage.
Description Butterfly Bay is protected from South East Winds and is a mooring only anchorage.  There is an abundance of coral and some beaches to explore.  You will quite often spot stingrays in the shallow water.
Restrictions No fishing. Nil discharge.  No Anchoring in Butterfly Bay.  Check the 100 Magic Miles for details
Shelter in South East to Westerly winds
Moorings Limited Public Moorings are available.
Fishing Fishing is prohibited
Be careful of Fringing reef especially on the west side of the entrance.
Snorkel Butterfly Bay is one of the best snorkelling locations in the area.
Outer Reef Reef flights can be arranged to collect you from here.
Sailing Sail around to Border Island, Whitehaven and other places South.
Dive Butterfly Bay offers excellent diving.
100 Magic Miles C14
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