Chance Bay

Type Approved Anchorage
Description This is a very popular overnight anchorage in northerly wind conditions.  There are two beautiful beaches to explore and some coral outcrops to snorkel.  Why not take one of the Ngaro Sea Trail Walks that winds through woodlands and ends at Whitehaven Beach.
Restrictions Ensure you are available for 2.30pm radio schedules in case of a wind change. Must use anchorage number 2
Shelter in North West to North East.
Fishing Fishing is permitted - check the 100 Magic Miles for details. Mackerel often feed here.
Be careful of When entering keep an eye out for bommies. If a southerly wind change is expected during the night, select a different anchorage.
Snorkel Some snorkelling is worthwhile on the Western side.
Beach Chance Bay has a lovely beach to go ashore and explore.
Sailing Sail West past Hamilton island around to Cid Harbour.
100 Magic Miles C25
  Map type: Normal, Satellite
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See Also Turtle Bay, Whitehaven Beach