Cid Harbour

Type Approved Anchorage
Description Hidden between Cid Island and the western side of Whitsunday Island, Cid Harbour encompasses several bays and beaches and provides a number of anchoring opportunities. It's a popular spot for campers as well as cruisers with two great bush walks, an easy walk to Sawmill Beach and a challenging trek to Whitsunday Peak. Allow plenty of time and bring your camera as the panoramic views from the top are well worth a picture. Sometimes you'll also find ocean going vessels moored here to escape the elements. Dugong Inlet is a safe haven in stiff northerlies.
Restrictions Only use anchorage 1 , 2 and 3
Shelter in North West to South West.
Fishing Fishing is permitted - check the 100 Magic Miles for details.
Be careful of There is extensive reef between Loriard Point and Joe's Beach.
Walking For the really adventurous, there is a walking track to Whitsunday peak... but make sure you pack some water!  There is a nice walk round to Dugong Inlet from Sawmill Beach as well.
Sunset Watch the sunset over the Molle island group to the West.
Outer Reef Reef flights can be arranged to collect you from here.
Beach There are a number of small beaches in Cid Harbour.
All Weather Anchorage Cid harbour provides excellent protection from all but winds from the West.
Sailing Sail to the Northern anchorages
100 Magic Miles C19
  Map type: Normal, Satellite

Pictures Available Surround Vision
Dugong Inlet - Cid Harbour
Sawmill Bay - Cid Harbour
See Also HookPassage; Macona Inlet