Dumbell Reef

Type Daytime Anchorage
Description A great daytime visit in suitable conditions.  It is a great snorkelling spot with abundant fish and coral.  There are two public moorings available, not suitable to anchor.
Restrictions Fully protected Marine Green Zone.
Shelter in South to East winds, overnight up to 20kt winds
Moorings 2 public moorings available for up to 2 hours
Fishing Fishing is prohibited
Be careful of Fringing coral and trying to anchor. The two moorings are the only suitable means of stopping
Snorkel The fully protected coral here is in good condition with plentiful marine life
Sailing The island makes a good stop over on long transits to and from Whitehaven Beach
Dive The protected reef and marine life make for excellent diving.
100 Magic Miles C29
  Map type: Normal, Satellite
See Also Cateran Bay, Border Island