Hayman Island Reef

Type Day Visit Only.
Description Bookings for the marina must be made with the resort and  hotel room accommodation only.
Restrictions Bookings must be made in advance through CCY. Dress code applies.
Shelter in All weather.
Fishing Fishing is prohibited
Be careful of Entry and exit to the marina - consult 100 magic miles and charts.
Resort Hayman Island is one of the more exclusive one and only resorts in the world.
Walking There are some walks on the island.
Sunset Very nice but only if staying in accommodation in the resort.
Beach There is a lovely beach to sit on.
Sailing Sail to Airlie Beach, or through the Narrows and down to Whitehaven in favourable conditions.
100 Magic Miles C13a
  Map type: Normal, Satellite
Pictures Available Hayman Island Resort
Hayman Island from Stonehaven
"The Narrows" Surround Vision
See Also Blue Pearl Bay; Stonehaven; Butterfly Bay; The Narrows