Luncheon Bay

Type Approved Anchorage.
Description Luncheon Bay is in the middle of the three coral filled bays at the North end of Hook Island. It provides excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities.  This bay also has a small sandy beach nestled amongst the rocks.
Restrictions No fishing.  Nil discharge. No Anchoring
Shelter in South East
Moorings 7 Public Moorings Available.
Fishing Fishing is prohibited
Be careful of Overnight anchoring with Northerly or Easterly or windy conditions.  Butterfly Bay may provide better protection.
Snorkel Luncheon Bay offers excellent snorkelling.
Dive Excellent diving.
100 Magic Miles C14
  Map type: Normal, Satellite

Pictures Available Surround Vision of Luncheon Bay
See Also Manta Ray Bay; Butterfly Bay