Macona Inlet

Type Approved Anchorage.
Description Macona Inlet is a vast excellent anchorage that cuts into Hook Island from the south. It has two anchorages protected from all conditions except southerlies and some excellent beaches to explore.
Anchorage 1 - Bottom does not have the best holding
Anchorage 2 - Allow sufficient swing room but make sure you are securely anchored as holding is tricky.
Fishing can easily deliver lunch or dinner with little skill.
Shelter in Anchorage 2 -All wind conditions except Southerlies.
Anchorage 1 - N to SW
Fishing Roaming Red Emperor and similar species have been caught in Macona.  Check 100 Magic Miles for details.
Be careful of When entering Macona keep the green navigation marker to your starboard (right) side.  There is an extensive reef area so ensure you have swinging room if conditions change.
Snorkel There are a variety of good snorkelling locations in Macona.
All Weather Anchorage Macona provides excellent protection from most conditions except a southerly.
Sailing Sail through to Hook Passage to Border Island, Northern end of Hook island or Whitehaven.
100 Magic Miles C10A
  Map type: Normal, Satellite
Pictures Available Surround Vision inside Macona Inlet
Surround Vision at the entrance to Macona Inlet
Aerial Photo of Macona Inlet
See Also Nara Inlet; Hook Island Observatory