Manta Ray Bay

Type Day Time Anchorage
Description Manta Ray Bay is a special management area because it provides for some of the best underwater scenery in the Whitsundays and needs to be protected.
The bottom of most of the bay is reasonably shallow at low tide and blanketed with coral of all types and abounds with many fish types, some quite inquisitive as there is no fishing allowed. Access is by moorings only so if the moorings are being used you will have to move on.
Restrictions No Anchoring. No fishing.  Nil discharge. Day use only 2 hour limit.
Shelter in South East to South West.
Moorings Public Moorings available.
Fishing Fishing is prohibited
Be careful of Strong currents when snorkelling.
Snorkel This is one of the finest snorkelling locations in the area. It is fully protected. Swim in after picking up one of the moorings.
Sailing Sailing from here to Southern Anchorages around the North East tip of Hook Island.
Dive Excellent!
100 Magic Miles C14
  Map type: Normal, Satellite

Pictures Available Surround Vision
The beach at Manta Ray Bay
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