Nara Inlet

Type Approved Anchorage
Description Nara Inlet is a wonderful all weather anchorage and a very popular spot on first night of charter. There is a wonderful Ngaro People Cultural site accessible from a small beach.  A short walk ascends 170m to view cave paintings, and a history of the first people to inhabit the islands.
Restrictions Anchorage 1 and 3
Shelter in All Weather.
Fishing Fishing is permitted - check the 100 Magic Miles for details.
Be careful of The entrance to Nara Inlet is to the starboard (right) side of the marker at the entrance. Keep to the centre line of inlet.
Walking Take the walk up to the Aboriginal site via the landing at the Northern end of the Inlet.
Outer Reef Arrange to be collected by seaplane from Nara Inlet to the outer reef.
All Weather Anchorage Nara is probably the best anchorage in the island group. The Northern anchorage is the most best for protection.
100 Magic Miles C10b
  Map type: Normal, Satellite
Pictures Available Surround Vision inside Nara Inlet
Surround Vision at the entrance to Nara
Aerial Photograph
Nara from walking track
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