Nara Inlet (South East Anchorage)

Type Approved Anchorage
Restrictions Anchorage 1 and 3 only
Shelter in All but strong SE, S, SW
Fishing Its worth wetting a line
Be careful of Enter Nara Inlet to the east of the channel marker, keeping it on your Port (Left) hand side.
Snorkel The fringing reef is worth a look
Beach There is a small beach to explore
Sailing Make an early start from this location the next day to other locations
Solitude Even in peak periods it typically "maxs out" at 3 vessels
100 Magic Miles C10b
  Map type: Normal, Satellite
Pictures Available Surround Vision inside Nara Inlet
Surround Vision at the entrance to Nara
Aerial Photograph
Nara from walking track
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