Peter Bay

Peter Bay
Type Day Anchorage
Description Peter Bay is a quiet day time stop over. The high peaks of Whitsunday island provide a lovely vista. There is an extensive coral reef extending from the Northern end of the beach to the North East and care must be taken in proximity. There are also isolated bommies in and around the bay, so care should be taken during maneuvers.

The writer can otherwise report mediocre fishing and snorkelling as several visits to the bay have resulted in a yield only made up of frustrated crew.
Restrictions Check with Cumberland before proceeding there.
Shelter in South West to West.
Moorings Nil
Fishing Fishing is permitted, but seldom provided a result.
Snorkel There is some good coral in the bay.
Walking The advertised palm tree stand requires quite an imagination.
Dive Good diving is on offer here.
100 Magic Miles C28
Pictures Available  
See Also Apostle Bay; Tongue Bay