Beneteau 37

Sailing Monohull

From the moment we stepped on board the experience was sensational.

From $452 - $702 AUD per night
* Based on a 7 night charter


"LITTLE ONE" with a big heart!
As a package, our Beneteau 37 combines sprightly sailing, and comfortable motoring with generous accommodations Go Barboating in style.

Boasting 3 comfortable double berths, the forward cabin, with its generous standing room and a variety of stowage options and the aft cabins provide a comfortable "stateroom" feel, not a little one at all!
The all-in-one head and shower compartment presents a vista of white. Slanted mirror-front cabinets above the sink let even the lanky shave without contortions.
The stylish saloon invites curling up with a good book or an afternoon nap after a swim or snorkel from the walk through transom and swim platform at the rear of the boat.
The compact galley with a front-opening refrigerator leaves room to create your holiday fare, and with a BBQ on the back, what more could you need to enjoy all The Whitsundays has to offer?
Little One will provide you bareboating adventure in style and comfort and leave you wanting more.

"Now - bring me that horizon"- The last line from Pirates of the Caribbean
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Boat Layout


Fish feeding! The highlight of our underwater world adventure agreed by all was Manta Ray Bay. After mooring at the bay, applying our sun screen and stinger suits the mother of the crew let out a squeal! ‘What was wrong?’ was the thought that ran through my head as I ran to the side of the boat. After waiting a moment and realizing that no words were going to come out of her mouth I peered into the water to see a dark shadow swimming below the boat. My instant thought, a shark! My biggest fear! Others gathered and after much discussion and debate it was decided my brother was to be thrown into the water to have a closer look! Before this could be achieved the ‘shark’ came right up close to the back of the boat for us to discover it was not a shark but rather a massive groper. There was no stopping us now as the crew of On the double jumped into the water to swim with this impressive fish. There were hundreds of different kinds of fish, all different shapes, colours and sizes! We also discovered that our once thought ‘shark’ had friends and even bigger friends at that! After exploring this incredible bay we swam back to our boat where our ‘shark’ still remained. Maybe our friend is hungry – a thought that ran through my head. Some bread will do. Without warning the others I proceeded to the kitchen to retrieve the bread and returned to the side of the boat where the others continued to swim and I began to feed the fish! The fish went crazy! They were jumping out of the water and splashing about right in front of my crew’s unsuspecting faces. They began squealing as the fun really began. Other crew members joined in as I returned to the water with bread in hand and began to feed these incredible creatures by hand – not without a few nibbles of my fingers! This was an experience like nothing else! Our week at sea is an adventure that neither I nor my 5 other crew members will ever forget!
Chartered Grainger 1220 12/12/2010


Type: Sailing Monohull
Length: 11.13 Metres (37 Feet)
Beam: 3.9 M


Engines: 30 HP
Furling Sail (s): Head Sail
Steering Type: Wheel
Water capacity: 350L
Fuel capacity: 130L


  • Refrigeration (110 L)
  • Freezer (30 L)
  • Oven
  • Deck BBQ
  • Microwave


  • AM/FM Radio
  • iPod Dock
  • CD Player
  • TV/ VCR
  • 240 Volt Power: Yes: Small Inverter
  • Fans
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bimini
  • Deck Esky
  • Deck Shower