Catering and provisioning

We highly recommend that you pre order your food and beverages prior to your arrival,

Careful provisioning is an important part of preparing for your holiday. Running out of food or forgetting the basics can spoil the most idyllic time away. The simplest and most convenient way of stocking your vessel, for a well fed and carefree-holiday, is to consider a packaged provisioning option.

Whitsunday Provisioning

Cumberland Charter Yachts has come to an arrangement with Whitsunday Provisioning to make available their highly recommended and imaginatively designed package options. — These Packages are the most popular and complete provisioning options available: — they include your three main meals as well as morning and afternoon teas supported by cake or biscuits as well as fruit, snacks and Pre dinner Nibbles. All you will need to add are your drinks provided for in their web site.

Whitsunday Provisioning have been providing meals and supplies to holidaymakers for over 30 years and have an enviable reputation for the quality and freshness of their products as well as the level of service they provide to their customers.

Menu Packages

These Packages start from roughly $33.00 per person per day and the price of each package is influenced by the number of people on the vessel and the category of the Package chosen. They come in a choice of Platinum, Gold or Silver.

They all come with the option to add-on or upgrade specific items to better suit your individual needs and they also cater for young children with their Kids Pack – an add-on that has been designed to work with all three packages and keep children aged 2-8 happy and well fed.

Easy Plan Meals

If you prefer to design your own menus, you can utilize their ‘Easy Plan Meal’ section; OR you can even Self Select your own goods from their Online Supermarket option. Whitsunday Provisioning also provide an amazing variety of Platters, ideal for a first night feed, as well as Beverages: both non and alcoholic.


Packages are delivered 7 days a week to your vessel, in insulated boxes designed to keep your stores cool and fresh while waiting to be unpacked. No floppy vegetables or melted dairy products!

For charters longer than 7 days, they offer a mid-charter turnaround and deliver the second half of your order part way through your holiday – ensuring your supplies are fresh for the full duration of the trip!

Order Provisioning Online:

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Order Beverages Online:

Would you like beverages delivered to the boat?

Order online with Airlie Beach Hotel and Bottle shop. Click here to browse the bottle shop and place your order: Order now

Don't forget to use your surname name and vessel name when ordering.

Please use this delivery address: Vessel Name, Abell Point Marina, QLD, 4802.

Deliveries available between 9 - 10am