Insurance - Personal (Travel)

At around $100 per person for 8 days of cover, this specialized policy includes cover for cancellations by the charter operator due to severe weather events. Along with much of what you would expect from a comprehensive domestic travel policy, this one also offers cover for loss of security deposits. Cumberland recommends Travel Insurance for all our clients so that even if you are forced to cancel your holiday for reasons as outlined in the policy statement, you will not be disadvantage economically. Travel Insurance is taken out to protect your financial investment in your holiday not to insure the vessel. Travel Insurance should be a necessary part of your holiday preparation. Have a look at Oceanic Marine Risk -Travel Insurance for all the information.

Insurance - Hirer's Liability

This policy is designed to protect you from claims made against you or members of your charter party for Property Loss, Accidental Death and Bodily Injury caused by (or as a result of) your negligence. For this policy to apply to you, the hired vessel or the tender must be involved in the loss. For quotes and policy details go to Oceanic Marine Risks Bareboat Liability Insurance. The boats insurance policy is designed to protect the boat owner and will not automatically respond if a claim is made against you for negligence.

Please Note - Cumberland Charter Yachts does not sell insurance or provide advice on insurance. Please contact Oceanic Marine Risks for details and advice go to or call (07) 4946 7555 for details and advice. 


Vessel Damage Waiver

A non-refundable damage waiver of $35 per night on monohulls and $55.00 per night on all other vessels is charged to cover minor loss or damage to the vessel or its inventory. All Cumberland vessels are covered under insurance to protect the owner of the vessel against loss or damage to the vessel and its equipment. Please be aware any structural damage or damage causing the vessel to be unseaworthy while on charter will require the vessel to be returned to base for assessment and repair. This could result in termination of the charter with no reimbursement of charter fees.

Damage waiver does not cover: Blocked toilets or Additional cleaning cost. If you find you have blocked the toilet you will need to return to base to have the blockage cleared. At the end charter we ask that you bring the vessel back clean, EG. All washing up completed, All rubbish removed including any bait or debris.