Bareboat Whitsunday

Bareboat Whitsunday Islands Today...
There is definitely no shortage of things to see and do when you bareboat Whitsunday islands. Visit the major resorts on Hayman, Hamilton, Lindeman, and Daydream Islands. When you bareboat Whitsunday islands you can explore tropical rainforests, explore living reefs, and walk deserted beaches.

Bareboat Whitsunday Islands under Blue Skies
Bareboat Whitsunday under blue skies and starry nights. Wake to new days as soft sunlight filters through the hatch. Let Cumberland Charter yachts thrill your senses - feel the sun, the wind, and the water aboard a luxury bareboat Whitsunday charter.

Snorkel and Dive whilst on your Bareboat Whitsunday Charter
When you bareboat Whitsunday you have the opportunity to dive world-class locations. Popular dive sites include Blue Pearl Bay, The Woodpile and Windy Bay. Snorkelling gear is provided for your use. Most vessels have a storage area for your Scuba gear while you bareboat the Whitsunday islands. You can even learn to Scuba dive while you bareboat the Whitsunday passage.

To enjoy a bareboat Whitsunday charter is to explore an idyllic place full of unexpected treasures. With around 74 islands in the group there is plenty waiting to be discovered. Where you go on your bareboat Whitsunday charter is up to you.

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