Whitsunday Cruises

So much to do on Whitsunday Cruises
Whitsunday cruises provide such a broad spectrum of experiences. There is so much to do, from bareboating and barbeques to luxury resorts and world-class restaurants.

What sets our Whitsunday Cruises Apart?
There is definitely one thing that sets Cumberland Charter Yacht's Whitsunday cruises apart from any other sailing holiday - the pristine Great Barrier Reef. Not only are our Whitsunday cruises in one of the most pristine places in the world, they sit at the edge of a true natural wonder. Privately operated Whitsunday cruises visit a reef pontoon, leaving daily from Hamilton Island. Other companies can pick you up directly from your vessel.

Whitsunday Cruises are your Gateway to the Good Life
Whitsunday cruises are your gateway to romantic getaways or family oriented fun. With Cumberland Whitsunday cruises you can visit the island resorts - play golf on Lindeman, enjoy cocktails by the pool on Hayman, or dine in one of Hamilton’s 10 restaurants. The choice is yours.

The Best Part of Whitsunday Cruises is Flexibility
Perhaps the best part of our Whitsunday cruises is their flexibility. Whitsunday cruises can be relaxing or demanding, long or short. There’s a plethora of aquatic indulgences to help you thoroughly de-stress. Don’t hesitate - book one of our Whitsunday cruises today!

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