Whitsunday Sailing Holiday

Set Sail on a Whitsunday Sailing Holiday Under Clear Skies
Set sail on a Whitsunday sailing holiday under clear skies and breathe fresh open air. At night, star filled skies shine from above. Use your Whitsunday sailing holiday to reconnect with family, friends and yourself. In the end, you won’t want your Whitsunday sailing holiday to end.

A Whitsunday Sailing Holiday lets you Explore
As an inquisitive sailor a Whitsunday sailing holiday lets you explore this idyllic region on your own. Cut through brilliant blue waters in search of a quiet cove or an island adventure. There really is nothing quite like a Whitsunday sailing holiday.

The Romantic Allure of a Whitsunday Sailing Holiday
The romantic allure of a Whitsunday sailing holiday is hard to ignore. The intimate cabins, secluded anchorages, perfect sunsets and moonlit nights. Enjoy your honeymoon or romantic escape in quiet seclusion or party with the best of them. A Whitsunday sailing holiday can provide it all.

A Comfortable Whitsunday Sailing Holiday
Where comfort is a priority on your Whitsunday sailing holiday we recommend our Grainger 1220 and Perry catamarans. The twin hulls and larger decks provide you with superior space, stability and privacy. With 4 double berths and spacious central cabin a luxurious Whitsunday sailing holiday is assured.

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