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Whales relaxing in the Whitsunday


The whales have arrived early in the Whitsunday waters as part of their annual migration journey north, showing a lucky charter group quite a performance.

Tourism Whitsundays CEO Tash Wheeler believes in the Whitsundays charter hire is the best opportunity for tourists to our region to meet our annual visitors.

“The whale migration season is such a special time in the Whitsundays. So many of our tourists come back from their week on the water having witnessed these majestic creatures playing in the warm turquoise Whitsunday waters. Every trip on a boat during this season could be a whale watching tour”

Every year from June to September, whales migrate north from the Antarctic and make their way to the Whitsundays to utilise the regions warm waters to give birth, socialise and to mate.

The Whitsundays waters are ideal for these majestic animals as the waters are protected, shallow and warm. Which is the perfect setting for the birth of their calves and make a fantastic nursery as the little ones wait for their blubber to grow before moving back down to the freezing Antarctic waters.

General Manager CCY Sharon McNally "This year is set to be a bumper year, suggestions from JCU say we should expect to see upto 40 thousand whales this season, every bareboat charter will become a whale watching holiday. No permits required, but guest must ensure they do not approach whales and keep their distance" said McNally.

Adding "All vessels are briefed on whale safety and cautions whilst enjoying the marine park.
Sightings of water spouts and tail slaps are common place at this time of year but a full breach is a rare and beautiful sight. These graceful creatures are here to give birth and protect their young calf, always approach inlets with caution as whales will rest on the surface, many of our clients have come eye to eye with the amazing and exquisite mammals."

"Don't delay book your bareboat charter now before all the boats fill up and Go Bareboating with the whales." urged McNally

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