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Let us take the hassle out of provisioning for your next bareboat charter. 1:14pm, Tue 18 Jul 2017

Planning your first bareboat holiday can be like herding cats, with so many people involved, each with their own needs, wants and food intolerances.

Imagine you are walking into the grocery store, giant list in hand ready to tackle the shop for you and your 8 crew all to be done within the hour... you stop, look ahead and nothing familiar, nothing is in the right place... you start thinking there's no place like home!!
Before you click your heels Dorothy style or start to panic, let me introduce you to "Whitsunday Provisioning" they are a local provisioning/catering company operating in the Whitsundays since 1983. Stepping into the 21st century they have online shopping which makes charter planning a breeze. Click up storm selecting each item as needed with all your favourites, ranging from Black and Gold brand right through to your premium products, Whitsunday Provisioning have you covered no matter what your budget.

Alternatively, you can utilise their menu options with pre-set meals and snacks, it's amazing as all the thinking is done for you. If you have dietary needs/intolerances or you simply don't like something on the menu, all meals are interchangeable (E.G if you don't like fish? Swap it for chicken, don't fancy salads swap it for vegies) it's all up to you and your crew.
Are you chartering for more than 7 nights? You don't have to lug around your 10 days worth of food, you can split your order in half, pop back to Abell Point Marina (CCY base) and reprovision for the rest of your charter.

Whitsunday Provisioning will send us through a copy of your order, we will accept the delivery on your nominated day and pack it on board for you before you arrive for your charter holiday. Does it get better than that? Hassle free and you never have to touch a plastic bag.

Don't forget to add your alcohol order and save yourselves a taxi ride into town, they really are your one stop shop for all your bareboating needs. With a vast selection of locally sourced products from fruit and veg right through to your morning caffeine fix, you can rest assured you are supporting the Whitsundays through your shopping selections.

Penned by Zan Schubert

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