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Don't be caught out, read this before booking your charter! 11:50am, Tue 15 Aug 2017

Through being in the charter industry for over 30 years and chatting with our past charterers CCY has identified a few factors to think about when considering a bareboat charter. We often go into holiday planning with rose coloured glasses on, to ensure you get the most out of your charter I have put together a few things to keep in mind whilst you navigate your way through your bareboat holiday planning.

CHOOSING YOUR CREW! seems simple right??
when considering your crew of family or friends, it is advisable you have people you enjoy being in close quarters with and share your sense of adventure. Keep in mind what type of experience you enjoy and what you will want to get out of your adventure holiday before approaching your potential crew. This will ensure there is no mutiny on board your charter.

The next thing to consider: CREW VS CABINS REQUIRED!
when looking at the crew limit for each vessel check out the cabin layout first. This will determine where everyone can sleep, 9Double beds, doubles, singles or lounge). Each vessel will have its own unique layout with bed sizes accommodating singles or couples. Don't forget if you have young children they may be able to share a bed, or on some vessels there are single hull beds perfectly sized for a child. Take note of the recommended passenger number of each vessel, we have added this insight with your comfort in mind.

Now we are getting into the nitty gritty: EXTRAS!
do you have certain requirements fr charter? E.G number of bathrooms? Air Con? Outdoor seating? etc. having a fair idea of your crew requirements allows us to tailor a vessel to your needs. I have found family groups are more comfortable sharing a bathroom however groups of friends often prefer their own. This is a great thing to take note of as CCY have a fleet of 28 vessels and we will have something that meets you and your crew requirements.

Check the weather trends for the time of year you wish to sail. we have a great tool that collates the weather information from the last 5 years.

The final consideration before locking in a charter is BUDGET!
Depending on your crew size, experience and the time of year you wish to travel we can find the perfect vessel that will blow your mind not the bank. Don't forget if you share the boat you share the cost, with our largest vessels sleeping 10 passengers you will find bareboating a luxury holiday on a shoestring.
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