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10 top tips for Bareboat charter success 1:47pm, Mon 11 Sep 2017

Tips on how to get the most out of a bareboating holiday. From deciding on meals for charter, how to pack the fridges, making the most of your time in the Whitsundays, and a couple of local tips thrown in for measure, these top 10 tips will ensure you are well prepared for one of the best holidays you'll ever have.

1) Briefing: Have your crew organised and your shopping done by Whitsunday Provisioning. Put a DVD on for the children or take them for a swim at the lagoon in Airlie Beach. We only need two adults for the briefing

2) Don't forget: Bring a lightweight Esky bag to the beach with you so you have somewhere cool to keep your drinks. A lot of the beaches do not have a lot of shade protection and remember to slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on hat.

3) Snorkelling: Always snorkel in buddy pairs! It is easy to get puffed out when snorkelling, so stay together. If you are going exploring make sure you are back at the boat before dark! Sun sets in the Whitsundays between 6-7 pm

4) Moorings: Plan to arrive at your overnight mooring by 2pm, so you have the best chance to secure overnight 'rights' If pestered by someone that is inaccurately suggesting that you have overstayed on the mooring, smile, wave and say something obscure in a foreign language. Then fall about the place laughing.

5) Anchoring/mooring Stonehaven: snorkel one - three hours after the tide starts to come in for best visibility and water depth. If all of the moorings are busy you can anchor outside reef protection markers in Anchorage 1 and 2... Be aware of bullets (Wind Gusts) here, hold on to your towels!

6) Exploring at sunsets: If you are walking at sunset take a torch as it will be dark on the hike back to your boat. Don't forget to leave the lights on, on board so you can navigate the tender back to the boat with ease.

7) Exploring Whitehaven: Views from the Hill Inlet lookout are best on the outgoing tide. Be sure to take your camera as the colours and view will have you gasping at the beauty. Walking tracks are well marked and easy to walk just make sure you have something comfortable on your feet.

8) Meal planning: to ensure your charter is as carefree as possible, plan ahead and create a meal plan to reflect your crews eating and dietary requirements. Plan your meals to use up the perishable/fragile items first and your hardier fruit veg etc. is saved for the last days on charter.

9) Packing your fridge: with your meal plan in mind pack your fridge with the soft fruit veg and cheese to the front to be used first. This will ensure nothing is left bruised and inedible at the bottom of the fridge.

10) Charter length: Seven nights is never long enough in the paradise of the Whitsundays. You should book for nine or more nights to allow yourself to fully unwind and take in this natural aquatic wonderland.
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