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Cumberland ready for 2010 11:56am, Wed 03 Feb 2010

Thankfully for most 2009 is over. Seems the rest of world was eager to pull Australia into the financial vacuum that was the the GFC. Lucky, as Australians, we know a thing or two about clawing our way out of recession. With talk of interest rate hikes to slow growth(!) and the positive attitude that defines our country, 2010 here we come!

To mark the new year, we are looking to some great fleet additions, some new faces and some provocative marketing action. Several years ago, we were the first to introduce standby pricing offering you the best price on charters starting inside 14 days. While you benefited, we took a little flak from the industry. Now, it seems everyone's doing it!

Keep an eye out for something starting soon that will be a test of another means of offering you great value on charters in the Whitsundays. Cumberland, the innovators... hmmm, maybe
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