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Thanks Mr Rudd 2:52pm, Mon 25 Jan 2010

One would have to wonder whether the implications of the Rudd stimulus package were fully thought through when conceived back in 2008. For most it meant a cheque in the mail, or for the more savvy some wise business re-tooling.

The implication for bareboating industry was much more interesting. As it happened, the 50% investment rebate made the chance to join the ranks of bareboat investors/owners much more appealing from a tax point of view... and too irresistible for quite a few yielding a procession of new boats.

The outcome for you as charterers is new boats to go cruising on and a more competitive market place generally. Cumberland have one of the youngest fleets and a commitment to fair pricing, including our aggressive standby rates for holidays starting inside 14 days.

With a substantial fleet upgrade last year, 2010 is even bigger bringing us a Mahe 36, Lipari 41, Lightwave power 38, Highland 35, Beneteau 43 and a Lightwave 38 plus (sail)
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