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Volcanic eruption in Iceland
Volcano in Iceland erupts

Whitsunday air unaffected by Iceland volcano 5:35pm, Thu 22 Apr 2010

Air quality in the Whitsundays is regarded as first rate, by world standards and completely unaffected by recent volcanic eruptions. 

In Europe, the story has been much different as the Icelandic peak of xxxx blews it top last week, grounding flights into, out of and around a large chuck of the world. 

Regardless of your location it is likely that the clean, fresh, sea air of the the Whitsundays will be much better than you experience at home or in Europe. Free of major industry, the entire region of the Whitsundays is almost clear of smoke stacks excepting the ocassonial sugarcane industry celebration.   

An understated feature of your Whitsunday island holiday will be a return home with lungs refreshed after repeated exhalation of city smog, exhuast fumes and air conditioned office fuzz.  

It should be noted that clean air is something that you might have to sacrifice if considering cheaper Asian destinations - where crowded cities are mobilised on two stroke motor scooters.   

So clean air is not something to sacrifice, mount xxx in Iceland is a long way from the whitsundays and the only smoke you should be able to smell in the Whitsundays. 

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