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Congratulations Jessica Watson 10:36pm, Mon 17 May 2010

On the 15 of May, 2010 the world was watching Jessica Watson to return from her great journey. 1,500 boats sailed alongside her Pink Lady while about 75,000 people stood around the Sydney Harbour foreshores giving Jessica the welcome home she deserved. Less than 12 months earlier on the 18th of October, 2009, she started her round-a-world sea voyage as the youngest person ever endeavoring this journey which took her from Sydney to the Line Islands, around Cape Horn, the Falkland Island, Cap Agulhas, South East Cape and back to Sydney.

After 210 days on the water and three days before her seventeen’s birthday this ambitious Australian teenager was greeted with the warm words of our Prime minister calling her “Australia’s newest hero”. But Jessica refuses this title: “I don't consider myself a hero. I'm an ordinary girl who believed in a dream. You don't have to be someone special or anything special to achieve something amazing. You've just got to have a dream, believe in it, and work hard."

For many, aspirations are styled around a more leisurely sailing or cruising adventure with dreams of a setting sun with a cool beverage in hand.

Cumberland Charter Yachts offer people just this type of cruising picture. Bareboat chartering is the safe way to experience the freedom of sailing or cruising through islands, with adventure running 5, 7, 10 or more nights. Meanwhile, comfort is not compromised – the smallest vessel in the Cumberland Charter Yachts fleet is 32 feet, just 2 feet shorter than Jessica's vessel. The largest, suitable for up to 10 people is the grand style of the Perry 44 powercat with its 4 double cabins, 3 showers and toilets and air-conditioned comfort.

Jessica’s boat, "Ella’s Pink Lady", a S&S (Sparkman and Stephens) 34 is a little over 10 metres in the new measure and is a tiny yacht by comparison with the almost 23,000 nautical miles that she traveled around the globe.
Jessica spent seven month at the sea, sailing without any help in an uninterrupted circumnavigation.  Even if her sea voyage is not officially recognized by World Speed Sailing Racing Council (WSSRC) because they do not longer assess claims for the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world, her efforts broke all the records. Amongst the journey, she faced enormous seas and horrifying conditions with incredible determination, optimism and a “can-do” attitude. Her triumphant homecoming will no doubt inspire many to ALSO do the one thing they always wanted.

Contact Cumberland Charter Yachts today about your next big adventure. You won't be doing a lap of the world, but enjoying all the adventure that the Whitsundays has to offer. Beware though, once you have experienced our holiday offering, you find yourself hooked as so many of our clients happily admit.
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