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   Lightwave 38 Powercat

Now that's Charisma! - Lightwave 38 flybridge power cat 10:00am, Mon 26 Jul 2010

Lightwave Yachts based at the Gold Coast, Queensland have a pedigree reputation for sailing catamarans from 38 to 45 feet. Charisma is a new model from their stable and is the first power cat to feature a flybridge. Comfort is assured at anchor as the vessel is long AND wide - and the most significant point of difference over smaller cats.

Pleasant to behold, Charisma recently arrived in the Whitsundays and the Cumberland Charter Yachts fleet. Based loosely on the Lightwave 38 sailing cat, this edition has features a galley-up - located in the saloon -  the feast centre and is very social for the chefs in the crew. The three double cabins are full size as well. In the past the third double starboard aft was  a little tight for head room compared to the arrangement now. The double cabin forward in the Starboard side has a size-able ensuite too!

Enough of the indoors - the flybridge is the real difference. Apparently a time consuming concern at the Lightwave factory, it was adjusted several times for a great result. Flybridge access has typically been tight on power cats (and mono power boats for that matter) over time, but the Lightwave has room for two to ascend at once!

The flybridge is a triumph, there is plenty of seating including space for the laziest to stretch across a seat that spans the aft. Controls and visibility are thought through very well as is the hidden cooler under the helm seat.

Expanding the Cumberland's fleet of powercats' Charisma is a welcome addition to the range and slots nicely beside the ever popular Elite 4000p, at three large doubles, while we have the Voyager 1040 and Highland 35 for the smaller groups and Perry 44.5 powercat at the top of the class.

Enquire now about the Lightwave 38 power cat - she will be busy!
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