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Sydney - What a boat show! 10:00pm, Mon 02 Aug 2010

Cumberland's outbound activities for the year culminated in the Sydney International Boatshow. Regarded as one of the major boat show events for the year, it equals Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in terms of connecting with our customers, but lacks the "marina community" feel at the Gold Coast event.

Perhaps this is just our experience, as our stand is located deep in the halls at Sydney, where purified light and forced air replace the typically sunny days and comfortable tempuratures at Sanctuary Cove in our outdoor "concourse" stand.

The company always uses staff from the office and maintenance team at the shows as they know the boats inside and out, making them able to answer all your questions. At the Sydney Show this year were General Manager Sue Gunston, Operations Manager, Steve Owen, Directors Charlie Preen and Murray sheer and web site developer John Nayler.

It was delightful to speak with so many of our past charterers, some of who had received our emailed invitation to visit the stand and made a point of coming by. This is great for us and breaks up the hour in, hour out "Have you been to the Whitsundays before?"

The past charterers usually press our memories, before recounting the adventure of past visits, with statements like "This is the best holiday we have ever had." Little wonder, with the 74 islands, the world's top Eco friendly beach, Green Zones full of coral and plentiful reef fish.

It was also great to receive bookings from past charterers. The Lockie group stopped by as usual to lock down another week on Blueberry Hill. Obviously they enjoy visiting more so than sitting in front of our hero shot for a picture snap. We also were very happy to receive a past charterer booking again who had a life threatening operation in the months before his last visit. It fills us with emotion to hear that the hospital room was decorated with pictures of the boat and the Whitsundays to aid recovery...  perhaps this should be used more often as it did the trick!

Finally it was great to speak with so many new charterers - we enjoyed an influx of interest in the new top of the fleet Salina 48 and the Lightwave 38 Powercat....

and so completes our "away" boat shows for 2010 - celebrated as normal with a huge Tapas feed at Capitan Torres - lucky for our show visitors that the garlic eating competition was left till the end of our stay! See you next year!
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