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When should I come to the Whitsundays 10:00am, Sun 08 Aug 2010

The answer sometimes gets a little complicated as we check on the priorities for the experience sought before answering, but here are a few tips.

Family holidays including school age children
The September / October school holidays each year is the most popular time for the bareboat industry. This is natural as spring is in the air. The day time and water temps are near perfect. It is also a time of year where the South-East trade winds have backed off, replaced with 2-5 days at a time of  light Northerlies.

Family holidays with non school age children
The peak season of September and October has a substantial price difference over mid season. If you can visit outside school holidays, then come in early September or late October. For those looking for better swimming temps work toward October.

I like it hot / I like to swim
November / December days are a time when you sleep under a sheet only in the Whitsundays, you wake in the morning to glorious days where the obvious thing to do is to jump in the water for a morning swim. The days get a little warm, but the water is always waiting.

Nature lovers and marine life
There is always an abundance of Marine life on show in the waters of the Whitsundays. Year round there is tropical fish, colourful coral, turtles and the odd dolphin. For serious spectacle the annual migration of Humpback and other whale species come to the Whitsundays in July and August and put on a fantastic show.

I can visit on short notice
If you have this sort of flexibility, you are open to come any time of the year and take advantage of standby deals. "Walk-ins" as the industry call them are on the rise and the deals available sometimes very good. For example the summer months are the cheapest time to visit the Whitsundays. This is a time when periods of rain can seem to last for weeks, there are bursts of sunny days that can go on for a week. So if you have a gap in the calendar that has suddenly come up, you can take full advantage of the standby pricing available year round at
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