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Cruise and Review Winter 2010 9:00am, Wed 08 Sep 2010

On the 8th of September we announced the winner of our “Cruise and review” challenge for Winter 2010. We invited everyone that sailed or cruised with us between May and August 2010 to write a hundred words or more about their experience while bareboating in the Whitsundays. Entrants also had to upload at least 3 photos from their holiday to complete their entry.

In all, we had over 60 fantastic entries that fit the criteria and were eligible in the finals. With so many great entries, we were very happy that we opted for a draw from the finalists to select the winner. Judging would simply have been too hard.

The winner is:

    Elizabeth from Victoria, crewing On The Double in August

Speaking with father Greg, he said that the news was “Fantastic” and that they would “ be back soon to charter the Salina 48, Serengeti” with the whole family.

Working in fire and rescue, while fathering a large family, Greg obviously loves the family time away from work stresses in the Whitsundays. He has chartered a number of times amongst the islands including having sailed with another charter company only return to Cumberland for his cruise on the “family friendly” Grainger 1220.

He also mentioned the “Airlie Beach Girls” video clip which he said “demonstrates the enthusiasm that families have toward a bareboat holiday”.

Cruising the Whitsundays on a bareboat from Cumberland Charter Yachts is GFC proof fun for family, groups and couples. Leaving the mainland, you become skipper, navigator and crew for an island adventure unparalleled anywhere in the world as confirmed by our customers. It almost brings a tear to the eye to read comments like “Super duper. What a holiday”, “I cant wait to go again”, “dream was for sunshine, sailing on beautiful seas, snorkeling, watching whales and dolphins, relaxing” and “Our five nights in the Whitsundays stand out as the best part of our three week excursion to Australia.”

Its feedback like this is the very reason that Cumberland Charter Yachts strives to provide our family of charterers with the quality vessels and the most professional service. We are very proud to provide great hospitality to customers new and old as we provide the platform for people to experience the wonder of the Whitsundays at their own pace.

Whether its sailing, diving, snorkeling, going the beach, visiting island resorts, fishing, bush walking, relaxing with a book out of phone range or connecting with the family, a bareboat holiday is a holiday of your design with any or all of these activities.

Special praise
We would like to extend special praise to these entries:
Jan and the crew from LOXTON, SA. Sailing on Destiny the Seawind 1160, they wrote, recorded their own song about “Airlie Beach Girls” for their entry. Click to watch

Derek from South Bondi, NSW, who's crew must have spent a full day editing their own “Walking on Sunshine” film clip that included heaps of great video, dancing, and fun. They were also blessed with perfect weather in late August as shown in the photos and managed so many kind words despite our need to replace their boat due to a gearbox failure. Click to watch

… and how about Gill and the gang on the Elite 12, Sunset Lady having a great time. You can clearly see that the pleasures of bareboating had them on cloud nine when they recorded their dance clip in Nara Inlet. Click to watch

There are just too many great entries to mention them all, so many photographs that are spectacular, some very big fish, and the poetry, including a rewrite of a Banjo Paterson classic and stinger suit clad supporters  laying out our name on Whitehaven Beach. We thank you all, our great customers that come once or year after year.

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