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Queensland, where Australia Shines. - New from Tourism Queensland 8:00am, Wed 29 Sep 2010

The new Tourism Queensland promotional has been just been released and already hit the mark. Devoid of cultural gaffing “where the bloody hell are yoos” and fast talking poms, the “Tourism Queensland - Where Australia shines” campaign material is well conceived and simple to understand. The sun appears so brightly from behind all manner of activities and objects in a fast paced account of the adventure available in Queensland. While lens flare has been an annoyance to photographers and filmmakers since the advent but used as a precision instrument through out the new campaign clip.

You would almost think that the entire clip was shot in the Whitsundays. 17 difference activities are depicted, 12 of which are available right here in the Whitsundays. The Whitsundays is the undisputed cruising capital of Australia and we are most certainly the only one with Whitehaven Beach which is used multiple times the in production. We are proud to be in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and apparently the centre of Queensland's tourism offering and a world of envy.

Watch the video on Youtube at:
Tourism Queensland's new brand, "Queensland, Where Australia Shines"

The clip also features the Internationally designed Leopard 40 bareboat sailing the Whitsundays. We are lucky to be one of just two operators offering the spacious Leopard 40. We had also offered and would have preferred to see an Australian designed cat such as the Seawind 1160 which are better optimised for cruising the Whitsundays - and currently the most popular charter vessel in the area, but its seems we don't have enough pull with our vessel swapped out at the last moment for reasons not clear.

The reasons that we suggested the 1160 are obvious. The Seawind 1160 is a great family or vessel for groups. It features the unique tri-fold saloon door, which opens the saloon completely to cockpit. It also incorporates dual helms, superior swim access, wide visibility from the saloon, great sailing capabilities and huge ventilation - so critical to bareboating in the Whitsunday climate. The popularity of the 1160 is undisputed as it is features in six different Whitsunday bareboat fleets and is a former Australian Catamaran of the Year.

The good news is that we do know some people of influence. Keep on eye on the cable TV channel Fashion TV during November for our fantastic Seawind 1160 featuring as a platform for some models enjoying themselves on "Destiny" from our fleet.

Cumberland Charters Yachts is a premium bareboat charter operator based at Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach, on mainland Australia, Whitsundays. Media enquiries to John Nayler 0407 15 13 11.
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