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Cumberland Charter Yachts supports Recyclable Regatta 8:00am, Mon 01 Nov 2010

Over the weekend of the 20-24 October 2010, Cumberland and a number of other operators at the Abel Point Marina supported an open day of events which included a “Recyclable Regatta”. Teams of children, families and corporates were encouraged to make vessels from recyclable materials and race when around a 100 metre course in the marina.

The event was designed to raise awareness in the locality about the pollution from plastics in the oceans of the world, with some very notable and worrying reports coming from here and abroad about effects of plastic rubbish on the seas. A total of 9 teams participated on the day in front of an audience of 100 or more people, with the corporate winner being a fast trimaran vessel from the  Whitsunday Times and the Family / youth division won by similarly clever designed “Issy going to float”.

In the Whitsundays we are lucky to have a number of key campaigners including Libby Edge that runs the Eco Barge. At every opportunity to fuel her vessel, she takes a group of volunteers to island beaches around the Whitsundays and collects rubbish from the beach front. During 2009, Ian Thompson from SOS Ocean Racing (Save Our Seas) circumnavigated Australia solo to raise awareness in favour of the complete ban of plastic bags from the oceans. Other local efforts include stopping beach front development and local government efforts to completely ban plastic bags.

The Recyclable Regatta was a great success and it is hoped that it will be run again in mid 2011 further inspiring environmental efforts to conserve the Whitsundays and protect the oceans of the world.

What can you do for the environment while cruising the Whitsundays?
- Ensure that no rubbish falls overboard
- Ensure that towels and clothing pegged to the safety lines are secure, so they are not lost into the water potentially blanketing coral
- Take less plastic into the marine park by removing unnecessary packaging from groceries before departure.
- Take drinking water in 5 or 10 litres vessels and refill just one bottle per person during the cruise.
- Abel Point Marina is one of just a few places in the Whitsundays that has recycling facilities. Sort your rubbish into recyclables and normal refuse and ensure that maintenance staff assist the correct disposal of rubbish upon your return to Abel Point Marina
- Conserve fuel, money and the environment by sailing more during your cruising holiday.

Thank you for the support on this important issue.
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