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Tropical Treasures Christmas Cruising deals 10:17am, Wed 17 Nov 2010

Warm summer nights provides no better place to celebrate the festive season in a land where a “white Christmas” is an impossible dream and does not seem to make a lot of sense. :) Neither does joining the traditional rush for Boxing Day sales when you can go for a sail. Joining the coastal highway crush to the beach is another stress situation best swapped for a dinghy ride to Whitehaven Beach from your boat anchored just off shore.

To make it easier for you to make a decision in favour of Christmas New Year cruising with Cumberland, we have announced great deals ACROSS THE ENTIRE FLEET from NOW till NEW YEARS as an enticement for you to join the happy charterers that have celebrated the season with a cruise amongst the islands.

  Highland 35 6 pax power cat:
    Charter Fee $ 3,675 Start boxing day, pay 5 go for 7 nights

  Lipari 41 8 pax sailing cat:
    Charter Fee $5,450 Starting 27th December, pay 5 go to 7 nights

  Lightwave 38 Plus 8 pax sailing cat:
    Charter Fee $4,050 Starting boxing day, pay 5 go to 7 nights

  Perry 44.5p 10 pax power cat:
    Charter Fee $6,750  Starting boxing day, pay 5 go to 7 nights

  Beneteau 37 6 pax sailing yacht:
    Charter Fee $2925.00 starting 22nd December, pay for 5 go for 7 nights

Ensure that you use our simple budget calculator to work out the complete fees including marine park, damage waiver and budget for fuel as you consider these amounts that vary depending on number of people and number of nights.

Get yourself a cruising santa today at

Happy Cruising!
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