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Jan Jarratt, Anna Bligh, Terry Kemp
Cumberland Princess

Disaster relief appeal nudges $200M with Cumberland donation. 8:48am, Mon 07 Feb 2011

In a unique approach to assisting the relief appeal set up to help disaster affected Queenslanders, Cumberland Charter Yachts auctioned a 5 night holiday onboard their fleet leading “Cumberland Princess” with the entire proceeds going to the “Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal”.

After 10 days of bidding the Vandervost family from the flood affected area of Yeppoon on the mid Queensland coast topped out with $6000 exactly to win the vacation of a lifetime amongst the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays.

The family have selected Easter as the time they would visit, taking advantage of the holiday period to bring together 10 family and friends to cruise amongst the islands, fishing, snorkel, visit Hamilton Island and others while in complete control of their cruising destinations.

At a civic function held on Sunday night, Terry Kemp, a founder of Cumberland Charter Yachts presented the donation to the Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh with the announcement that the Appeal had now reached $200 million dollars raised.


Cumberland Charter Yachts is a tourism small business operator based in Airlie Beach. With less than 10 staff, the company assists thousands of visitors to the Whitsundays experience the islands “under their own steam”. In what is a truly unique holiday, their bareboat holidays allow people to sail or “drive” out to the islands without a paid skipper and crew to experience true freedom amongst the wonders of the Whitsunday islands in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.
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