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Bid your perfect holiday on the Fontaine Pajot Lavezzi 40 1:00pm, Wed 16 Mar 2011

Fresh from raising $9000.00 for disaster relief using ebay and wonderful holidays, Cumberland Charter Yachts is providing more great holidays through auctions.

Up for auction this time is the Lavezzi 40 from Fontaine Pajot. The fun continues as a 5 night holiday attracts your bids over the 10 days 16th to 27th March.

Perhaps the best holiday in the world, bare boating places you in command of your own vessel for 5,7 or more nights amongst the islands where you can dive, snorkel, visit Whitehaven Beach, enjoy resorts like Hamilton Island, fish, watch the sunset or prepare a banquet to enjoy with friends and/or family.

The aquatic playground that is the Whitsundays is understood to be one of most magnificent cruising grounds of the world. 74 most un-inhabited islands, safe, unspoilt, Whitehaven Beach and just under the surface, the best protected coral and marine life in the world.

Valued at $4725, the holiday auction will definitely sell for less and offer the winning bidder the experiences detailed. Cumberland Charter Yachts invite all cruising holiday makers to review this opportunity and bid on the cruise of a lifetime.

The auction continues on at:

Whitsundays, 5 nights bareboating on Lavezzi 40

For more information call Cumberland Charter Yachts on 1800 075 101.
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