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The Cumberland Group of Islands 5:19pm, Mon 02 Jul 2012

The islands  now known as the Whitsunday Islands are part of the Cumberland chain of islands named by Captain Cook as he sailed through in 1770.   He named the Whitsunday Passage on Whit Sunday (June 4th 1770) as he sailed north along Australia’s east coast.   The Duke of Cumberland ,  for whom the islands were named,  was a younger brother of George 3rd.   He had a rapid rise in the Royal Navy,  joining in 1768 as a midshipman,  promoted to Rear Admiral in 1769 and Vice Admiral in 1770!   As the old saying goes – its not what you know – its who you know!
Perhaps when you charter with Cumberland Charter Yachts you too can be promoted to Rear Admiral  within the year.
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