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THANKS CUMBERLAND FOR AN INCREDIBLE HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:05am, Fri 14 Sep 2012

A casual get together with close family,Jimmy,Netto and their girls, Ashleigh and Holly,saw a plan evolve to sail the Whitsundays in a catamaran. We (Tony, Gail and fishng mad son Luke),began the search for a charter company.
Cumberland came up trumps with their comprehensive website and their Grainger cat "ON THE DOUBLE", which suited our needs perfectly! After months of planning and anticipation,we arrived  wearing the amazing crew shirts that Netto had designed,dazzling the wonderful Cumberland crew,and loaded our gear for a night in the marina, before our breifing  and cruise to paradise.
The trip to Cid Harbour for night 1 saw the first of many whales and the scream of the reel, landing a small mackeral, a promising start! On to Nara to join friends on RAZZLE DAZZLE. Our sail to Nara was interrupted by the scream of the reel again. This time to our amazement a MARLIN had taken the lure! The fight was on , and the beautiful creature was landed released. Can it get any better? In Nara we were treated to Jimmys talented guitar playing and Ash's sweet vocals and some not so sweet vocals by the motley crew!
From Nara to Stonehaven and then to Butterfly and Luncheon Bays for some great snorkelling, a1st for Holly! Under stunning blue skies we headed to Tongue Bay when MARLIN no2 gave us some more exitement. Luke was in fishing heaven! The Hill Inlet lookout gave us a taste of our next anchorage, Whitehaven, where it was so beautiful we stayed 2 nights. Hamilton island followed to celebrate Ash's bithday, a memorable night for all!
A return to Cid afforded us a last sunset over the water, before a beautiful last night in Macona! As the crew complained about seeing no whales on our last day, 4 dolphins came to escort us home, just as 3 whales put on a spectacular performance for us !
Our holiday was complete,Great weather,great crew, fantastic boat,whales and turtles -every day,awesome fishing!

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