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What Our Charterers Have to Say About CCY 6:02pm, Mon 17 Sep 2012

I am taking some time out from work to remind myself of the incredible holiday we experienced during our time on Cumberland Princess last month.

Dave mentioned it would be nice to send you a short testimonial on our experience which I have provided below. Thank you all again for wonderful service and hospitality, I had personally never had a sailing holiday - and cannot possibly imagine planning our next break without spending it at sea.

"My partner is by no means a nautical expert, having sailed with friends in his 20's he has a basic knowledge for navigating at sea. His overwhelming love for the experience makes up for any shortfall, as did the expertise provided by the Cumberland team in our briefing on board Cumberland Princess. After the detailed instructions, as a novice I felt comfortable to relax in my galley preparing a cocktail and dinner to be enjoyed later that evening under the stars.

David always wanted to share his passion for sailing with our 2 boys, aged 8 and 14. Which I am sure all parents understand is a thrilling experience watching children at one with the ocean and nature - and away from electronic devices. Both the boys and I had our reservations, but after many hours after long days at work, we had watched Dave view the Cumberland website, watching video tours of the boats available - and decided it was time to dedicate our hard earned to this unknown adventure.

We sailed, we saw, we learnt and we loved everything about the trip. Navigating the Whitsunday islands was brilliant, with the most difficult decisions being which bay to see next, each presenting us with its' own unique beauties. We may be considered lucky, or we just waited until the perfect time for the holiday. We stood on the Princess watching a whale and her calf for over 2 hours, almost as though she was showing off her newborn in the display. We snorkelled in many bays, and always found something new, but the most brilliant was our family swim off Longford Beach, accompanied by a beautiful turtle bigger than the kids, with the underwater camera capturing every moment to top it off.

Each morning we rose early, mostly because of the excitement of what experiences were before us that day. With our favourite music on and after cooked breakfasts, we sailed, and used our tender to explore shores. We selected destinations using our guide book, and with advice from the Cumberland Crew on the radio to protect us from weather. By night, under more stars than I believe I would have seen in my lifetime, we enjoyed healthy meals, played uno and shared time as a family recounting what we had seen each day. And while it was great to have the TV available on board, I don't know that we ever remembered to turn it on.

I must admit I had some reservations, being one who appreciates beauty but equally has some fears and apprehension when it comes to sea creatures and the unknown. From day one my fears were forgotten, the beauty of large manta rays peacefully swimming past our boat at our first overnight location, did nothing to stop us  all from proudly leaping into the ocean from our Princess. They have millions of miles to swim in, and they elected to pass us by, and head on their own way (clearly more deterred by screaming young boys than attracted).

Once again thanks to all on the Cumberland crew. I have attached a couple of my favourite pics to share our experience - I have so many to compile into albums, this is just a few.

Bon Voyage Until we meet at sea again….
Amie, David, Thomas & Oliver (Melbourne Victoria, Australia)
Cumberland Princess September 2012
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