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Another wonderfull Whitsunday sunset, January 2013

It must be true…I heard it on the news! 11:09am, Tue 12 Mar 2013

If you believed everything you heard on the news then you would think that most of Australia had either burned or flooded over the last few months. Parts of Australia have certainly received a battering but the Whitsundays has escaped pretty much unscathed. It’s certainly been a proper Wet Season with plenty of sky juice filling the dams for the long dry season ahead. But there have been only a few wild windy days and the sun usually shows its cheerful face in-between showers.

So what about the cyclones you ask?
Again we have to blame the media’s relentless search for bad news for skewing reality. The low pressure systems that dot the Monsoon Trough have always marched across the top of Australia, often descending South in the summer months. Any that approach the Northern Coast have the potential to develop into a cyclone. But it takes a particular set of circumstances to make this so, with the chances generally measured in very low percentages by the Bureau of Meteorology. South Eastern Australia is battered by “cyclonic” strength storms dozens of times every year but because each storm is not named and no “track map” is provided these do not attract the fevered attention of the media.

Arguably the best climate in Australia
Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, at 20 degrees south of the equator, reside in the sub-tropical weather band. Generally well below the lowest reaches of the Monsoon Trough. The Region enjoys arguably the best climate in Australia with mild winters and an average of nine months of blue skies every year. Want to see for yourself then take a look out the window at the Cumberland Charter Yachts Base in Abel Point Marina Airlie Beach:  
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