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Tezza's top tip Tuesday. 8:32am, Tue 21 Oct 2014

When is the best time to come boating here in the Whitsundays?

By far the best and my favorite is July, August, September and October.
These months boast:
*Best weather
*Whale watching - July - Sept ( at no extra cost )
*Best wind conditions with a mixture of light to moderate winds. Hence August is the "Season of Sailing" with several race events happening in the region.
*Minimal rain
*Cooler night time temps
*Water visibility is at its best.

Now of course pricing late September and early October is peak rate but if you want to guarantee the best weather then its money well spent. For those that can travel in July and August rates are most favorable at off peak.

November, December and January are also great times because its mostly off peak rates and you have the unexpected bonus of northerly protected anchorages like Saba, Chance, Turtle and Plantation bay to mention a few.

February and March are the months where you pay the least to charter the fabulous Whitsundays there is good reason for this, as its the most likely time to experience rain and possible cyclone.. BUT don't be put off. If you follow my guidelines its worth the chance:

* Always take out travel insurance to cover should you need to cancel
*Choose a vessel with Air Con as it can be humid at night.
*Consider going on stand-by this way you can select the best weather pattern before committing. stand by is available 14 days prior to travel.
*Keep an eye on the weather - outlooks are far more reliable these days.
* Airlines offer great rates at this time.

NB: (This is when the locals go boating as its usually quieter after the rains the islands are lush and green and the waters are beautifully warm!)

April, May and June are the best sailing weather, with very consistent south easterly winds popular for the keen sailors among us.  But remember no matter how strong the winds are there are numerous tropical paradise anchorages available to find a pleasant evening, plus again its off peak rates.

Lets face it anytime is a good time to visit the Whitsundays, its not called Australia's sailing and boating paradise for nothing.
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