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November in the Whitsundays 9:51am, Wed 29 Oct 2014

The light Northerly winds have arrived. Late October and November is renowned for the end of the southerly trade winds - This time of year is very exciting for our charterers who are returning for a second or third trip, as all those hard to reach sites are now perfect gems for an overnight anchorage! These are our favourite Northern anchorages.

Saba Bay on Hook Island: Excellent fringing reefs, amazing #snorkeling, lots of #coral bommies and shoreline caves you can drive a tender into. In Northerly weather this is a fantastic spot to explore, one the locals like to keep to themselves!

Mackerel Bay On Hook Island: Both north and south provide great #snorkeling. In the north there are #mangroves, walls of hiding holes for #fish, #crays and #turtles.
In the south fantastic swim through caverns and a beautiful sandy #beach. Its not called Mackerel bay and Crayfish beach for nothing!

Chance Bay on Whitsunday Island, Chance is a double bay with two beautiful sandy beaches, great for fossicking and a opportunity to stretch the legs with anchorage 2 providing an excellent bush walk across to Whitehaven beach. There is also good snorkeling in both bays. The views from the beach across to Pentecost and Lindeman are simply stunning.

Turtle Bay on Whitsunday Island, Turtle bay consists of a beautiful series of bays just east of Fitzalan passage, ( Torres head and Crayfish bays )the beaches are lined with mature trees and provide a great shady lunch spot to watch the world pass by. There is good snorkeling on the reef just north of anchorage No2 with best visibility in neap tides.

Plantation Bay on Lindeman Island, this is a lovely anchorage with a delightful beach and excellent swimming and walking tracks which leads inland to an old resort. Plantation offers views towards Goldsmith group of isles the perfect northerly anchorage to escape the crowds.
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