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Looking for a holiday that ticks all the boxes? 12:26pm, Thu 22 Jan 2015

Bareboating in The Whitsunday Islands offers you the freedom to explore pristine islands at your own pace and experience your preference of a wonderful array of activities, experiences and resorts.
Bareboating is fun for all the family, relaxing and very safe. Our comprehensive vessel briefing will give you the know how to be the skipper and our team of experts will contact you twice a day, giving you weather updates, location recommendations, advice and tips to guide you through the adventure that is bareboating. Customers tell us they enjoyed the bareboating experience for the freedom, islands, beaches, tropical sunsets, relaxation and independence.

They also enjoyed the many bush walks, snorkelling and diving, resorts, wining and dining, simply relaxing, reading a book and spending quality time with family and friends. All with the knowledge that they had the support of a experienced team just a radio call away.

Cumberland Charter Yachts is one of the leading bareboat companies in the Whitsundays, operating since 1985, with a modern fleet and professional service, our team are highly skilled and our vessels are maintained to the highest safety and quality standards. Delivering you a wide range of holiday choices for you to enjoy.
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