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Under Steaming Lights a customer bio 4:45pm, Wed 25 Nov 2015

So throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbour, and catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!"      - Mark Twain  
"Captn Hully" would seem to agree with Mark Twain. He has chartered 18 times here in the vainglorious Whitsundays!  Andrew is not really a Captn. This title has been lovingly bestowed upon him by some of the countless secondary school students he has introduced to bareboating over the years! We at CCY simply call him Sir Captain Hull.
Andrew loves the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies so is proud to wear the mantle and whip these scurvy riddled, lazy land lubbers into shape. The last night of any charter is a fun dress up night where pirate outfits and lingo are of course the order of the day!

Andrew admits he is the "out doorsy type" with interests in Rafting, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing and of course SAILING! But he has only learnt to sail, starting in his late 30's.

CCY asks: "What is it about The Whitsundays that you love?"
Sir Captn Hully: Its one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the Easterly winds makes for good sailing"

Hully, a retired teacher from Victoria often brings "school groups" on charter to the Whitsundays. He says "I still get a buzz when I am able to teach others the skills required to sail.  Sure they could spend thousands of dollars on a Gold Coast apartment, but Sailing in the Whitsundays on a bareboat is an adventure they may never have dreamt of, and one I can facilitate.  On a boat theres no escaping from team building and bonding, even a simple manoeuvre like putting the anchor down requires team work and an opportunity to learn new skills."
"One of the most peculiar anchor retrievals involved lifting a windsurfer sail from the bottom of Nara Inlet. Full of mud and coral growth, we felt like we had struck gold and hoped the rider wasn't resting in Davy Jones' Locker"

CCY:"Whats the best thing about bringing school groups?"
Sir Captn Hully: "Its an adventure that takes them out of their comfort zone and challenges them. Every day is different and offers new dynamics and experiences. I have heard from past students who have encouraged their own families to go bareboating, based on their experiences with me!"

CCY: "How easy is it to go bareboating in the Whitsundays?"

Sir Captn Hully: "Very easy indeed, and the people at Cumberland Charter Yachts are friendly and good to work with"  

CCY: "How much sailing experience do you have?"

Sir Captn Hully: "I currently own a Hobie 14 and have had it for 5 years. I don't hold any formal tickets but have been bareboating a few times now (18 to be precise all in the beautiful Whitsundays).  I caught the bug from a friend who sails a 36ft vessel on the Gippsland lakes in Victoria."

Andrew looks forward to his Whitsunday adventures, he prepares his crew for the laughter and frivolity that lies ahead. Getting them in the mood for an adventure includes motivational messages from their captain which reads - "Ahoy you miserable excuse for a pirate. You will need a tough Captain to whip you and the other miserable layabouts into a fighting, pillaging, plundering crew of slick sailors. Brace yourself. If you don't bend your back and jump when Captain "Jack Sparrow" Hully says to jump, I will have great pleasure in keel hauling you"

Clearly Captain Hully has embraced all aspects of being a sailor and here at CCY we love it and you will too!

Andrew has kindly shared his bareboating stories and images, we hope you'll share yours too, If you would like to feature in our next Steaming Lights Bio send us your story Whitsunday bareboating story!
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