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CHARTER BOAT OWNERSHIP! 12:06pm, Mon 15 Feb 2016

Nothing quite compares to sailing your own boat around what is arguably the finest cruising grounds in the world. It's even better when your boat operates as a charter boat so you are able to offset operating costs against the income earned.
Whether your looking for a sea-change or would like a toy in the Whitsundays, we can help you facilitate the dream. It is indeed an exciting time in the Charter Boat industry! It has never been more affordable to charter a boat.
The industry has grown and continues to respond to the changing attitudes and requirements of the travelling public.

Our groovy splash of luxury and space -"MANGO TANGO" has proud new owners! This Perry 43 3 Cabin Sailing Catamaran has been purchased by Don and Bron who have been owners with Cumberland Charter Yachts since 2012; and they jumped at the chance when Mango Tango became available. She is a large spacious vessel, elegantly decorated and easy to sail. Mango will continue in our fleet as a favourite sailing cat!
Don and Bron currently own "KICK 'N BACK" a very popular Seawind 1000 and as the name suggests she has helped many a charterer "kick back" and enjoy the superb Whitsundays.
You too can enjoy the benefits of ownership, just like Don and Bron as KICK 'N BACK is currently for sale along with FLUFFY MUFFY, FINNIGAN, and LE BON REVE.
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