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Sharon, David, Carrots and Matthew.
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Legendary Whitsunday Authors 8:42am, Fri 17 Jun 2016

The 100 Magic Miles has graced the coffee tables and navigation stations of vessels all over the world. The Whitsunday islands are a unique aquatic playground in which the 100 Magic Miles acts as street directory for the islands, coves, and bays. Every bommy and coral outcrop is detailed in the book with notes on each anchorage, what wind strengths are comfortable to stay a while and of course if there is good snorkeling or diving among the Great Barrier Reef and Island reefs.

Coastal Cruisers, Charter companies and locals alike, refer to the book when planning their daily itinerary or route. Now in its 10th edition the book is a Whitsunday Icon. So when the Author and Illustrator David and Carolyn "Carrots" showed up on at our office we just had to grab a happy snap to mark the occasion. They were in the area working on the next edition, popping in to get our ideas on what could be added. CCY are proud supporters of reef protection, we made a few suggestions to remove anchoring signage from a few pristine locations which bareboaters often mistake when mooring is the only option.  Bareboating in the Whitsundays is an exclusively for everyone adventure, there is lots to consider, with a few small changes to the 100 Magic Miles we can really improve the impact bareboating has on the Great Barrier Reef.

Matthew Gray (CCY Operations Manager) and Sharon McNally ( General Manger) enjoyed meeting with David and Carrots." Its a fantastic opportunity to share the bareboating community challenges with David and Carrots' said Sharon McNally. 'We look forward to next year,  the eleventh edition".

Order your copy of the 10th edition today! Hopefully David and Carolyn will make it back in time for the September Whitsunday Writers festival.
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