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Surfing the Menu Next Generation 2:50pm, Tue 05 Jul 2016

Our fantastic region will be on TV on Sunday nights Surfing the menu at 6 pm ABC. Awesome produce, great sailing and everything else in between!  

Dan is having a quiet moment on his paddle board when meets Sandy who invites he and
Hayden to come and see the islands tomorrow.
Dan and Hayden go looking for produce for their trip and find capsicums and Morton Bay Bugs.
It turns out Sandy is a yacht skipper the boys are given a sailing lesson. Next morning they leave
the dockside, Dan and Hayden learn to sail and do all the work on the winches. Under tuition,
they do well. Once at the Whitsundays, they Snorkel on the reef.
Fishing from the back of the boat. Maybe this time they might catch a fish? Not likely.
They walk in the national park and see an ancient aboriginal cave.
They look for Turtles and reef fish and snorkel on the reef.
Dan, Hayden and Sandy do some SUP surfing in the bays.

Hayden's Recipe Morton Bay Bug Rolls. Dan's Recipe Harissa Fish with flatbread and yoghurt

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