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Visitors are soaring into the Whitsundays 11:11am, Thu 21 Jul 2016

The Market
Originally chartering a boat attracted a more affluent client. Now Bareboat Chartering provides an economical option for cruising in the Whitsundays and accommodates all levels of experience. This significant swing in the market has been achieved by a system of control, developed over many years with contributions by all industry participants.  
Our target markets now include middle Australia consisting of small business people, families, singles and of course ardent yachties!
The cost for this type holiday has become more affordable mainly due to the fact that prices for a trip like this have not increased proportional to rising incomes. Also, with larger vessels available, it is possible to share the costs between up to 10 people.

Visitation Soars
More visitors from around the world are continuing to visit the Whitsundays as their holiday destination of choice, according to the latest international visitor numbers released from Tourism Research Australia today.
Covering a 12 month period ending March 2016, the results show a very positive strong upward trend with an increase of 5.8% in overall visitors, with a total of 222,000 visitors to the Whitsundays.
Most of these visitors were on holiday, showing a 6.2% increase from the previous reporting period.
The Whitsundays’ key international markets of the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States all showed fantastic growth.
The United States of America in particular showed strong growth, with visitors up by 29.1% to a total of 21,000 people.
Germany also had a strong result this reporting period, with a total of 34,000 Germans visiting the Whitsundays, up by 15.7%.
Visitors from the United Kingdom were up by 2% to a total of 50,000 Brits visiting the pristine beaches of the Whitsundays.
The Whitsundays’ fastest growing market, China, was also up by 40% to a total of 16,000, proving this market continues to enjoy the unique natural environment on offer in the region.
And international holiday expenditure also increased for the Whitsundays by 2.1% to a total of $1.2m per night.
Tourism Whitsundays’ CEO, Craig Turner, was pleased with the results but recognises there is still a lot of work to do to fulfil the potential of the destination.
"From talking with industry it has been a busy and successful year for tourism operators in the Whitsundays," he said.

"The quality of our iconic experiences such as Heart Reef, Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, and easy access to the Great Barrier Reef, are all part of reason why the Whitsundays is a destination of choice."

According to the UK's edition of renowned fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan The Whitsundays is the second most instagrammable holiday destination in the world.

The Company
Established in 1985, Cumberland Charter Yachts were able to cater for an ever-increasing market for yacht chartering in the Whitsundays.
In 1988, Cumberland was the first to introduce catamarans to the charter boat industry. Today we boast a fleet of 28 vessels in total, 15 of these being catamarans. We also have 6 monohull sailing yachts and 5 Power Catamarans.

Our maintenance program ensures the vessels are kept in prime condition with a rigorous regime of mechanical checks pre and post EVERY charter. This means any mechanical or repairs to the vessels are carried out efficiently and cost effectively. Boat owners are kept fully informed with a comprehensive suite of monthly reports including forward bookings and detailed Job transactions.

Our charter base is located at Abell Point Marina in Airlie Beach. Facilities include administration office, maintenance facilities, vessel detailing service, showers and toilets and marina berths. Cumberland moorings are positioned in the bay directly outside the marina for use by CCY and our clients.

CCY has eight directors who are in contact regularly and meet annually. Three of the directors manage the operation on a day-to-day basis, thus providing a holistic view of how the business is performing.

Nothing quite compares to sailing your own boat around what is arguably the finest cruising grounds in the world. It’s even better when your boat operates as a charter boat so you are able to offset operating costs against the income earned.
Placing your boat with an award winning charter company such as Cumberland Charter Yachts ensures your peace of mind with the knowledge your vessel is maintained to the highest standard whilst producing an income.  

To find out more details about the latest international travel statistics from Tourism Research Australia, visit the Tourism and Events Queensland website below and search for ‘International Summary Snapshots’.

At the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on Queensland’s coast, the Whitsundays has 74 island wonders in the warm waters of the Coral Sea.

The Whitsundays is the perfect place to swim and snorkel, or charter a boat and cruise the islands, and to witness the diversity of marine life including turtles, dolphins countless species of fish and whales.
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