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Its been a Whale of a season! 11:35am, Thu 08 Sep 2016

Every year Whales visit the Whitsundays on their annual migration north. Arriving around June to mid September, our winter months. During this time whales are a common sight frolicking amongst the islands and bays. They choose the Whitsundays to nurture their calves, choosing the warm, calm, protected waters of the Whitsundays as in ideal nursery.

This year has been a bumper year for bareboating enthusiasts with whale sightings a free inclusion on most days.  The Humpback and pilot whales are the most common species sighted, and Migaloo the white humpback whale has also been sighted in the Whitsundays this year.

Cumberland General Manager Sharon McNally spoke to a lots of clients on their return to Abell Point saying they saw heaps of Whales every day!
One lucky charterer came eye to eye in Cid Harbour when a Whale popped up right next to them at anchor.

One family said they had a tick list of marine life the were hoping to see: turtles, whales, dolphins amongst others. They ticked every box and more than once. The family from NSW said they will be back! saying "you cant imagine a holiday in Australia that can provide so many amazing memories"
another family of keen sailors said "The Whitsundays are a boating paradise. We loved sailing around the islands and mooring up as the sun set.  Snorkelling over coral & giant clams and swimming with turtles and tropical fish was a highlight for all.
The yacht was comfortable and well equipped. Had everything we could think of.
The Cumberland Crew were friendly and helpful through all the stages of booking to returning the yacht. Thank you. You made our trip our holiday of a lifetime"

For your chance to see Whales next year book in early, between June and Sept.  

Remember Whales are Protected an there are laws you must abide:
Whale Protection Area, vessels can be no closer than 300m to a whale. Whales may approach a boat, in which case the skipper must turn the engines off immediately.
Do not enter the water when Whales are present.
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