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Jocks and Socks Again? 6:40pm, Sat 08 Oct 2016

Break from the Christmas Jocks and Socks routine to enjoy a festive stay on the water!  

Stick your socks in the draw, pack your prawns, jocks and sunnies in a suitcase, honestly- you won't need socks in the Whitsundays.

Experience a white Christmas like you've never seen before.

Gorge yourself on Whitehaven Beach, truly a snow white beach and sight wise men behold.
Feast your eyes on an aquatic plethora of marine life and coral formations, better than any tree bauble.
Toast the sands of champagne swirls at Hill Inlet lookout.

Need I lavish you more with extravagant details, when it comes to "over indulging" you can't beat a Charter Holiday in the Whitsundays for the "ultimate indulgent Christmas treat".

One the whole family will thank you for!

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